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Cert Revoke#


The gNOI Revoke RPC revokes any previously installed certificates.

The command revoke acts as the client side of the gNOI Cert RevokeCertificates RPC.

The Command takes 2 flags:

  • id: a repeated flag that can be used to list (comma-separated) the certificate IDs to be revoked
  • all: if present, gNOI revokes all installed certificates.


gnoic [global-flags] cert revoke [local-flags]



The --id flag specifies the certificate(s) to be removed. It can be repeated as many times as needed or supplied with a comma-separated list of certificateIDs


If present, gNOIC retrieves the list of certificates present on the target and revokes all of them with a single Revoke RPC.


gnoic -a -u admin -p admin --insecure \
      cert revoke --id cert2
INFO[0000] "" certificateID=cert2 revoked successfully 
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